Geography of Godhra

Geography of Godhra
Geography of Godhra can be highlighted by the number of rivers, lakes, ponds, climate, latitude and longitude as well.

Rivers in Godhra: There are total of eight rivers in the district of Godhra. They are Panam, Mahisagar, Neshri, Goma, Dhadar, Mesri, Kanelav Talav, Panim River, Veri and Sukhi. The rivers are very famous in and around the district of Gujarat.

Many tourists visit the district of Panchmahal to a dip in at least one of the rivers. The specialty of these rivers is that there is water flow throughout the year which makes the climate of the palace quite cool even during heavy summers.
Godhra is situated at the surroundings of Mesri River, and it is said that Godhra has an excellent natural slope, due to which rain water flows directly to the Mesri River, and between the years 1978 to 1979, there was very low rainfall, because of this reason 6 additional wells were constructed to help people of Godhra to get enough water. This Mesri River flows to the south of Godhra in U shape from the Southern side, Northern side as well as from Western side, and during the monsoon season, this river will be filled fully throughout the year which doubles the beauty of Godhra.

There is another river near to Godhra called ‘River Goma’ which is said to be a stream that flows in the Panchmahal district of Gujarat, that attracts many people all over the globe. Especially, children like this spot a lot, as this is one of the most beautiful spot in the Godhra city.

Ponds in Godhra: Ponds are also seen in Godhra which are found to be the eye-catching for many tourists. Such ponds include ‘Kanelav Talav’ and ‘Ram Sagar Talav’. These are the two different ponds along with check dam, and its own beautiful scenic beauty that attracts several visitors and is found to be a best place for picnic.

Latitude, Longitude, and Elevation: Godhra city is located at 22,7500 (2245’0.000″N) latitude, and 73,6333 (7337’59.880″E) longitude at an elevation or an altitude of meters.