About Godhra

Godhra, the capital city of Panchmahal district, was the main center during the rule of Mughal and Maratha periods, which is said to be a developing town with several industrial units that also has a market place. Rathanpur is a small part of Godhra located at the south of the Godhra city and is popular for its splendid 14th century temple that includes sculptures as well as beautiful arch. Godhra got its name from gou which means “cow” and dhara meaning “land”; this word Dhara has two meanings – in Sanskrit Dhara means “hold” or “land”, whereas in Hindi it means “flow”. So, identically it means – The Land of the Cows.

Godhra city is also found to be an administrative headquarters of the Panchmahal district and it is even a city where Gandhiji built his ashram to perform Seva (service) to the low caste people and thereby solved their problem.